Month: June 2015

Dupe – An “Explanation”

The reason for starting this website was to have a place to put things I’ve made that would not be appropriate for the business site. I’d been looking at Archive.Org and reminiscing over the “blog” I kept on and off for 15 years at and then The aim of those sites was to experiment with layouts, write things that were on my mind, put silly pictures up and use the server space for my Fark Photoshop competition entries.

Gradually the amount of time and inclination to update declined and it went stagnant from about 2005 on. Those archives are now hosted here, or as much of them as I have backed up – the problem with the Wayback Machine’s versions is that I’d been very harsh with my robots.txt file to prevent searches within image directories, so this version actually has most of the original images. There are around 1200 files in that directory – typing in random variations of index_*.html may get you one of them.

So, while building this site I wanted a sense of randomness. The page title at ErisianLib, the heading and the content are all vaguely random entries – hopefully people will get different versions each time they visit. But it’s not a website yet – it’s more a hole in the internet. To be a “web”, it needs structure and links. Traditionally (since 1992) that’s meant being able to access all of a site’s content easily. Not by hitting refresh. So the question is, is a chaotic website possible?

Replies to @erisianlib. Fucked if I’m going to delete pages of spam from this thing every day.

A log of things

So how do I change that title? Damnit. Writing a website is time consuming. Thinking of content is time consuming. Thinking is time consuming. And I’ve a full time job. (ahahaha)